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Our Company has been involved in organizing supplies of industrial equipment, gauges, automatic control facilities, automatic control systems for industrial projects, electrical equipment, accessories and ventilation systems, pumps, machinery, special machines, cranes and presses.

Being in close contact with manufacturers and co-operating with engineering and design organisations of Western Europe and Russia our Company proposes individual or package decisions in the sphere of automation of production processes, oil-filling systems, collection and accounting of information, and the decisions relating to automatic transfer lines supplies.

Owing to all this we are a technically equipped high-level trading company, and we can guarantee that our solutions to the clients’ problems will be the optimal ones.

Company philosophy

The philosophy of our firm is consistent and coordinated style of work from order till final acceptance of machines and devices at the plant. Some required technical steps are coordinated with corresponding experts of the leading producers in Germany, Benelux, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Italy.Never-failing contacts between the German and Russian design organisations guarantee due planning and design of any equipment.We continuously supervise the production process of the ordered equipment in order to comply with the supply terms. We supervise and perform any arrangements relating to transportation (choosing packaging and transport facility, payment of customs duties, insurance, filling in the forms, etc.) from the manufacturer to ultimate consumer.

Our Team

Our qualified and highly motivated employees find the right solution for your projects!

  • Вячеслав Ли

    Вячеслав Ли

    Отдел поставок оборудования

    Телефон: +7 701 736 31 99

  • Тимур Ержанов

    Тимур Ержанов

    Отдел транспорта

    Телефон: +7 777 977 23 78

  • Вячеслав Ли

    Вячеслав Ли

    Отдел строительства

    Телефон: + 7 701 736 31 99

  • Dipl.-Ing. Walter Kaspirowitsch

    Dipl.-Ing. Walter Kaspirowitsch

    Основатель и генеральный директор компании GTS Group.
    Phone: +49 (0) 2222 97 94 092, email: walter@gts-engineering.de, skype: kross77

  • Dipl.-Ing. Egor Kaspirowitsch5

    Dipl.-Ing. Egor Kaspirowitsch5

    Отдел проектирования и строительства. Управление строительными проектами.
    Phone: +49 (0) 2222 97 94 092, email: egor.kaspirovic@gts-engineering.de, skype: xxxegorxxx

  • Alexej Lazarev

    Alexej Lazarev

    Отдел транспорта и логистики.
    Phone: +49 (0) 2222 97 94 092, email: alex.lazarau@gts-engineering.de, skype: alex13455

  • Andrey Pak

    Andrey Pak

    Отдел поставкок индустриального оборудования.
    Phone: +49 (0) 2222 97 94 092, email: andrey.pak@gts-engineering.de, Skype: apak.gts

  • Alexander Riger

    Alexander Riger

    Отдел бухгалтерского учета и отчетности
    Phone: +49 (0) 2222 97 94 092, email:alexander.riger@gts-engineering.de

  • Вячеслав Ли
  • Тимур Ержанов
  • Вячеслав Ли
  • Dipl.-Ing. Walter Kaspirowitsch
  • Dipl.-Ing. Egor Kaspirowitsch5
  • Alexej Lazarev
  • Andrey Pak
  • Alexander Riger

Our customers

References from around the world

Severstal AG
Tatneft AG
MMC Norilsk Nickel AG
Bashneft AG
Gazprom AG
Severstal Air Company
NLMK Novolipetsk Steel AG