Supply of industrial equipment

Core business zone of GTS Engineering GmbH is the organizing supplies of industrial equipment, gauges, automatic control systems for industrial projects.

Automatic control facilities, electrical equipment, accessories and ventilation systems, pumps, machinery, special machines, cranes and presses. Moreover our Company proposes individual or package decisions in the sphere of automation of production processes, oil-filling systems, collection and accounting of information, and the decisions relating to automatic transfer lines supplies.

In addition we develop and introduce oil commercial accounting systems, modernise the existing systems and replace worn-out and outdated equipment; besides, and it is but natural, we provide qualified consultation and assistance in choosing the automatic regulation facilities and control systems.

We participate in installation and introduction of the equipment supplied by us and use assistance of the manufacturer’s experts.Continuous training of our personnel enables us to perform the guarantee obligations and supervise their fulfilment according as agreed.

And then, the sphere of our activity includes supplies of spare parts and repair sets for special equipment and also the equipment manufactured in the countries of the former Eastern Alliance (GDR, Czechoslovakia, etc.).We guarantee complete repair of machines, presses and cranes, too.